Seminars with Hanshi Duessel

Seminar with Hanshi Duessel

Hanshi William H. Duessel visited the Isshin-ryu School of Karate this weekend. He joined us for classes and conducted seminars on Friday and Saturday.

Friday’s seminar focused on self-defense techniques, releases, and arm/wrist locks. Hanshi stressed the importance of using “the technique and not strength” to make it work.

Saturday morning, Hanshi joined us for classes at the Panther Valley dojo, and worked kata and combination drills from seisan, seiuchin, wansu, kusanku and sunsu.

Saturday afternoon we went back tot he Hackettstown dojo for a seminar that covered some of the basics and one-step drills. We finished by working several of the multiple attacker drills that were taught to Hanshi by Tatsuo Shmabuku when he trained in Pittsburgh in 1964.
We had a great time, as always, learning from and spending time with Hanshi.

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