13th Edition – September 2011




“Uncontrolled power is useless”

 Thoughts from Hanshi Duessel

 The hosts of the Pittsburgh, Ohio and New Jersey IWKA World Tournaments met in Pittsburgh Sunday, September 18th to discuss the previous tournaments and begin to create a format for the event that will be used in all tournaments starting with the 2013 event.  It was realized and stated that each event has had many good concepts and that the IWKA events have been well attended and very well supported by numerous Isshin-ryu associations and especially well supported by Hanshi’s Affiliation members.  With this continued support, the events in the future will continue to grow and be a leader in the Isshin-ryu world.  During previous events many people have talked about changing the format to highlight key divisions.  There has also been discussion about using the days of the event better and from those discussions the following will be recommended and adopted. 

            Have better use of seminars and competition on Thursday and Friday. 

          Have the Lennox Challenge for kyu and black belt ranks on Friday afternoon and evening. 

Have specific lightweight and heavyweight divisions for men and women black belts who wish to compete for the kumite grand championships, One for men and one for women where the final light and heavy weight winners compete for the title  (heavy weight will be 175 pounds and above).  The competition for the top two from the divisions will take place Friday and the final two will compete Saturday in front of all competitors and spectators.  [More precise techniques, with form, power and the ability to end a real fight will be needed during this part of the competition.  Often point sparring techniques are not effective enough to truly score a point].  Control of body contact and attacks to the head will be strictly enforced.   (more on this later).

Individual competitions will be available to all black belts with customary divisions who do not wish to compete for the Grand Championship.  Where there are numerous competitors, separate rings will be used so equal competition will be experienced by all participants.  The top two from each ring will again compete for the top three trophies.

There will be a minimum of 6 competitors per division and smaller divisions may be combined, which will be decided upon by the tournament host / director.

All black belt division winners in kata (not the Lennox Challenge) will qualify to compete for the kata grand championships.  One kata or weapons title will be allowed, if multiple divisions are won.

The banquet and after party will be conducted following the completion of  the tournament on Saturday.

Kyoshi Hughes is compiling the newsletter.  Publication Dates will be the last week of the quarterly months:  March, June, September and December.  Any sensei wishing to put something in it should contact him at least three weeks prior to publication.  E.mail him at: karatedo@goes.com   or  Fax: 908-852-9520.

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