Training in Okinawa

From June 19th – 29th, 10 people from the Isshin-ryu School of Karate went to Okinawa to train with Master Kichiro Shimabuku, learn about Okinawa and spend a few days in Tokyo. We all had a great time. Master Shimabuku was very gracious, welcomed us to his Dojo, and we had the opportunity to train with him several times during our trip. We’re already thinking about going back in 2 years.

Congratulations Kyoshi

2008-8thdanpromotionsOn March 1, 2008 Master William H. Duessel, 9th Degree Black Belt, with whom he has been studying since 1985, promoted him to 8th Degree Black Belt. He is one of 7 people who have earned this rank from the Isshinryu World Karate Association (IWKA). The promotions took place at Hanshi’s annual spring seminars in Pittsburgh, PA.

Left to Right
Marvin Prentice – 8th Dan
Chuck Wallace – 8th Dan
William H. Duessel – 9th Dan
John E. Hughes – 8th Dan
Robert A. Kristensen – 8th Dan (not pictured)