Focus Comes Before Personal Success

By John E. Hughes

In January I wrote that I hoped the arrival of the new millennium would be accompanied with a new quality of life more success, freedom, love, and laughter. I was correct to be filled with hope and positive expectations. I made a mistake in assuming there is a correlation between the beginning of a new year and the beginning of a new life. SO I am redirecting my focus, not on the calendar, but on the values that will help create a new quality of life.

The single most important of the elements of success, which creates change and brings success, is the ability to sustain the FOCUS in our daily lives.

A dream that is wished for is very different from a dream that is worked for.

A FOCUS comes BEFORE personal success.

“People say that getting there is half the fun. They are wrong. It is ALL the fun.”

Look back and:

  • Remember how nervous you were when you first started YOUR karate training.
  • Remember the time you thought you knew a technique or kata only to discover it needed constant work to keep it
  • Remember training sessions when you thought of quitting. – – but worked through the self doubt or self-centered ideas to try to find the beginner’s mind.
  • Fondly recall how you felt when your skills started to improve and you began to see the fruits of your labor.
  • Be grateful that you never quit pursuing your dream because the journey to success has proven valuable inwardly and outwardly.
  • Be thankful that all of the struggles, disappointments, small victories, and major accomplishments have done more than strengthen you and enrich your life.

Follow the wisdom of Coach Landry. Enjoy your journey to success. Don’t make the mistake of thinking you cannot be content, excited, optimistic, or proud until you have achieved your desired level of success. Enjoy these attitudes TODAY. Give yourself permission to stand tall and stay confident. Keep a light heart while pursuing your dreams. Bring humor to the hassles. Bring faith to the frustrations. Learn to laugh at life. One day the moments that now seem so bitter will be your sweetest memories. You might as well enjoy them now.

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