Hanshi Duessel’s 2010 Summer Seminars

Seventy-seven Isshin-ryu enthusiasts attended seminars Saturday, June 26th, at the North Jersey Martial Arts Academy, which were hosted by Shihan Marvin Carmona (7th Dan) and his wife Kelly.  Black belts and Brown belts from New Jersey, Maine, New York, Pennsylvania, Texas and Ohio were in attendance.

The first seminar about developing the understanding of Centering, Balance, Posture and Power Development involved lecture and hands on practice.

The second seminar about Sai Basics, proper use of the Okinawan Weapon and the Short Sai Kata was very informative and well received.

Following lunch the group was educated about proper kumite judging and four rings were created at the host dojo so numerous black belts could advance their skills under the guidance and supervision of the advanced 7th and 8th Degree Black Belts in attendance, as well as Hanshi Duessel. Many positive results were expressed when the entire group got together before leaving for the social gathering that concluded the events.

The 2012 event is currently scheduled for Kent, Ohio with Sensei Heidi Gauntner.

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