American Isshinryu looks to provide assistance to any dojo that looks to grow its understanding of bunkai, kumite, weapons, self defense and better business procedures. One major difference in our approach is that we do not look to interfere between you and your sensei. We do not look to become your sensei. That bond is a special dynamic that we respect and honor. We offer direction without prejudice; we offer focus by setting new standards. We welcome you to AMERICAN ISSHINRYU, INC.

Panther Valley Village Square (mall)
1581 County Road 517 (off exit 19 on Route 80)
Hackettstown, NJ 07840

TIME:1 pm to 3:30 pm (1 hour seminars with a break)

COST: $20.00 for current AI members
$45.00 for non-members, which includes a lifetime membership

MASTER DONALD NASH, 8th Degree Black Belt

Topic: self-defense moves taken for our kata’s.
Bio: I was exposed to Martial Arts in 1964 with a good friend teaching me Judo. I started training in Isshinryu in the late 60’s, received my Sho-Dan on Janurary 22, 1970 from Sensei John Hendrickson.
Opened the Isshinyu Karate Klub at the age of seventeen – 1982 Hosted Master Kichiro Shimabuku Seminar
– 1984 Travel to Okinawa to train with Master Shimabuku and other first generation students – 1988 winner of the IWKA grand champion Kata – 1988 Isshinryu Spirit award from IIKA – 1993 Received Hachi-Dan from Master Don Nagle

MASTER DENNIS HOARE, 8th Degree Black Belt

Topic: The seminar will be an overview of TCM (Traditional Chinese Medicine) and how they locate pressure points and hit them. We will demonstrate how nerve strikes and pressure points will aid in making our Isshinryu self defense and fighting more effective. I will do some explanation and then hands on so it is can be retained. I will also try to back the techniques into our basics or kata so they become more personalized to our style. I do not plan on doing any knockouts or anything like that. All should have a good time
Bio: Began Isshinryu Karate training in the Mercer Street Dojo in Jersey City in about 1963 under Sensei Don Nagle. He was Master Nagle’s second in command, was in charge of running the Central Avenue Dojo. The school was officially handed over to Master Hoare in about 1997 and is still operating today attempting to carry on Sensei Nagle’s teachings


While we’re all together, let’s to something good for those suffering from diabetes. We’ll kick for 5 minutes to raise money for diabetes research through the “Martial Arts for St. Jude” program. Get sponsors to donate to the cause. They can sponsor you per kick or just donate a fixed amount for your participation.

  1. Download a sponsor packet.
  2. Find generous friends and family to sponsor you.
  3. Bring your completed form and donations the day of the event.

ANY QUESTIONS CALL MY CELL 908-797-0087 – John E. Hughes

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