American Isshinryu, Weather, Kick-A-Thon

THANKS to everyone who attended the American Isshin-ryu Seminars Saturday, November 13th at Fit Happens. Remember renewal for the association should be done ASAP. The cost is just $35.00 for a Life Time membership. This membership helps keep Isshin-ryu Karate Strong, reduces costs for periodic seminars and much more.

Weather Reminder: As we approach the winter season, listen to WRNJ Radio 1510 if the weather is questionable. I will make class cancellations by 4 pm on days when weather conditions may not be safe.

Our annual kick-a-thon for St. Jude Children’s Research Hospital was held November 8 to 13. We have kicked 34,690 times and have raised $1065 so far this year, which makes our grand total $14,940 since we started Kick-A-Thons. WELL DONE EVERYONE and get those final forms in.

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