JUNE 2011

The move to the new dojo is now complete, even though there may be boxes still to be unpacked and a few things to be hung on the walls.  Linda and I are extremely grateful for the long hours that students, friends and family spent helping to make the new facility possible in an extremely short time.


The United Methodist Church does many charitable things within the community.  They have a food pantry that you may contribute to.  Monthly they need paper products (especially paper towels & toilet paper) and non-perishable foods (canned tuna & canned Spam).  If you would like please bring in items and we will add them to their supplies.




Children should come to the dojo wearing at least their gi pants as we are still working on an appropriate place for children to change.  If students are going someplace after class, they may change into street clothes in either of the restrooms.


Shoes should be placed neatly on either side of the entrance and equipment bags should be brought into the training area.


There are two clear plastic holders on the side of the metal cabinet as students enter the training area.  The larger one will be used for newsletters and informational materials for students and parents.  The smaller one will be for monthly dues payments if Mrs. Hughes and I are conducting classes.


Students should bring sneakers to class as we may use the grass areas outside the dojo, weather permitting.  If your child has severe allergies or requires and epi pen let us know.


Once the weather becomes warm, children will be told when they may wear T-shirts instead of full gis to class.  Gi pants and obis must be worn.  Mrs. Hughes or I will tell you when it is appropriate.


We are jointly using the facility with the church groups.  Please respect their property, as they are doing helping us keep the building clean and safe.


Congratulations to the people who earned promotions since our last newsletter.  Junior  Yellow Belt  Collin Amabile, Ashley Banks    Junior Green  Belt #2   – Riley Kamm   Senior Yellow Belt    Pam Banks




Staying consistent during the summer months is important so students do not lose the skills that have been learned during preceding months.  If there is interest for July and August we will have a morning class for children from 10:00 AM to 11:00 AM on Tuesdays and then our continuing adult class from 11:00 AM to Noon.  Please see Kyoshi or Renshi Hughes to let us know if you are interested.  Evening and Saturday classes will continue normally for the summer vacation months. 


If you are planning a vacation, please remember to let us know prior to leaving and you may make up the missed classes before or after your mental health time.   Send us a post card so we can share in your experience.


The two-day training session is scheduled for July 8th & 9th at the Hughes’.  This overnight training experience is only open to students being tested for Sho Dan and all current black belts.  The Saturday sessions are open to ALL students and they are ALL encouraged to attend.  The demonstrations at the end and promotions should be a must see event this year.  PLEASE PUT A TAG WITH YOUR NAME ON YOUR BOWL IF YOU WANT IT RETURNED AFTER THE COVER DISH DINNER. 


            You will need:

     a tent (if you wish) (OR make plans to share if attending the overnight)

     sleeping bag or blanket


     karate uniform

     old sneakers & socks – mandatory for the river

     extra socks – T-shirts – sneakers       

     extra sleeping clothes

     clothes to change into after the workouts

     toothbrush, insect repellent, etc.

     gym bag to put items in when not being used


     * * *  LABEL ALL GI &  GYM BAGS


            Parents are welcome to come and watch any portion of the day.  Lawn chairs are recommended for the family gathering at the end of the session.  We will be setting up tents, etc. at 7pm (unless otherwise instructed).   Organized classes and experiences will be conducted both Friday and Saturday.

            We will provide Friday snacks, Saturday breakfast, lunch, drinks, snacks and hot dogs and hamburgers for dinner.  All cups, utensils, plates will be provided.

            Saturday at 3:30 P.M. demonstration and promotion ceremonies will be followed by dinner.  Please sign up with Kyoshi or Mrs. Hughes to bring a cover dish for the dinner.  Please put a name tag on  dishes you want returned so we may get them back to you quickly . . . or take them before you leave.

            The permission slip and fees must be returned by June 30th so we may plan the meals etc. for the two days.  Any food restrictions or allergies, please let us know.


            DIRECTIONS to Sensei’s

Follow route 46 West out of Hackettstown, thru Great Meadows  . . .

PASS Herby’s ice cream stand

            St. Peter and Paul Church


One mile from RICO’S look for a sign for Warren Haven – Warren Acres at the turn and an auto body shop on the left . . .  (if you go too far you will see Great Meadow’s Liquors on the right)

BEAR LEFT off 46 onto Pequest Road . . . PASS

            trucking company

            cross the bridge

            bear right at the crest of the hill . . . staying on Pequest Rd

Less than 100 yards TURN LEFT on Deerfield Drive  . . .  Follow to the end and at #24 take the dirt drive up the hill to the house.  Any questions call my cell – 908-797-0087.


* * * * *   SIGN & RETURN BY June 30, 2011 * * * * *


We reserve the right to call a parent and send any student home if he or she does not conduct himself or herself in a manner keeping with our karate discipline.  Some of the activities during the training session may be strenuous and the nature of the activities requires the cooperation of all students for the safety of all the students.  (As in class nothing will be done that is beyond the scope of each student). 


            Student’s Name __________________________               Phone number ________________________


                Number of people attending the dinner after the session ________


                Student signature (if 18 or older) ______________________      Parent’s  signature _________________________


COST $30.00/student.. if student participates Friday and Saturday

            $20.00/student.. if student participates Saturday only (START TIME WILL BE 9:00 AM for adults and 10:30 AM for children)

                                    ** All weekend classes will be held at the training camp * * 

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