Seventh Degree Black Belt, Master Thomas Flagg, conducted a series of self-defense seminars Saturday, August 11th, at the Isshin-ryu School of Karate – 232 Route 46, Vienna, NJ.  Participants from four local karate schools enjoyed the presentations and learned a great deal from Master Flagg. 

Master Flagg began his study of the Martial Arts as a teenager in Ohio. His uncle, a police detective and Ju Jitsu instructor, got him started on what would become a lifelong avocation.  He has trained in GoJu under Master Aaron Banks, earning his first-degree black belt.  He later studied Go Shin Do Kempo under Master Bob Long, rising to first-degree brown belt.  Tom also trained briefly with Master Don Nagle, but his acting career began to take him out of town quite frequently.  During those years of almost constant travel, Tom trained in Shorin Ryu, Jeet Koon Do, Krav Maga (Israeli Martial Arts), and Asian weapons like the Sai, Bo, and Nunchaku. When he returned to New York and a series of Broadway shows, Tom began studying Isshin Ryu Karate again, with Shihan Robert Mansfield. During the twenty-two years of constant study, Tom rose through the ranks and on August 4th, 2002, Mr. Flagg was promoted, to his current rank of 7th Degree Black Belt.

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