MAY 3 – – MASTER ERNIE TEMPLE, 10th Degree Black Belt, will be conducting seminars at our dojo. The seminars for children and adults are supported by the American Isshinryu group. Each seminar will be based upon enhancing movement skills that will help students with self defense and sparring abilities. Master Temple is one of the most knowledgeable and respected people in the martial arts and a friend. This event should not be missed. Plan to attend.

The cost for AI members is $20.00 and for non members is $45.00, which includes a life-time membership ($35). 

The children’s seminar will be from 1 PM to 2 PM. The adult seminar will be from 2:15 to 3:30 PM.

Other than reduced costs for area seminars, students have the opportunity to attend events hosted by member dojos at a reduced rate. Quarterly newsletters are also distributed to members. The cost of the membership may be recovered in a short time.


            As many of you know,  Master Shimabuku has asked us to host the 2015 I.W.K.A. World Karate Championships.  I have put in countless hours since the middle of March to find a venue, negotiate prices  and begin the preparation stages.  Renshi Hughes, adult students and I have started to brainstorm for ways to raise the funds needed to host an event of this nature.  The two world events we have hosted have been two of the most successful the Association has had.  We will start having practice sessions for those who wish to participate.  Like our tournaments in April, age and rank categories are established so each competitor may have a chance to excel.  There are THOUSANDS of people attending the event as spectators, vendors and competitors.  Within  a 30 minute drive from our dojo there are at least 25 Isshin-ryu Karate Schools all of which will be at the event and seeing the sponsorship booklet.  If you know someone who has a business that may benefit from helping to sponsor the event, see me for sponsorship information.

          One fund raiser that we are doing is creating a cookbook.  If you have a recipe that you would like to share  give it to me.  At present there are sections for appetizers, main dishes, deserts, pastries, soups and more.

          Watch and Listen for updates, meeting times and practice schedules.



I have been thinking about character development and the development of a positive self image lately.  As parents, responsible adults and members of the greatest society in the world, we must be accountable for our actions and at times work to influence the actions of others.  We must work to be the candle’s light and not just the reflection of the light. 

            We should stop and think about the VALUES necessary do develop CHARACTER and a positive self image.  We must understand that the hope for the future is found in the power of the present and through proper, positive, development of our children.   A person’s attitude can change when the input changes because – Where you are and what you are is because of what has gone into your mind.  Do not let people think for you.  Stand on your own two feet. 

            We work to develop the intrinsic value system in the karate students at this dojo.  We work long and hard to earn each and every rank  which is awarded  at the time when the student knows and understands the material, at his or her level.  

            We must work to make our training, family development and personal insights meaningful.  Something cannot be made important to someone else, SO we must make what we do important and meaningful to ourselves.

April 29th’s tournament was a success in many ways.  We had a great number of place winners and the tournament was well attended, 207 competitors.  All events ran smoothly and there were no incidents – – – most everyone went home happy.  If you did not get a participation certificate, see Mrs. Hughes or myself.  Thanks for your help, contributions to the success of the day and friendship.

Also, my sincere thanks to the black belts for their continuing support and friendship through the things we have done to help the community and the dojo are appreciated. The cake, card and promotion present were unexpected and greatly appreciated.


How to Transform Your Thinking and Your Life – by Jim Rohn

The key to make life really unique and worthwhile is to share. It has a certain unique magic of its own. This is what I learned in sharing ideas:

If you share an idea with 10 different people, they get to hear it once and you get to hear it 10 times. Share ideas—share with your family, share with the people around you, share with other employees, share with your colleagues.

When one person shares with another, two things could happen. If you share with someone else, they could be transformed—you may have dropped in at the right time. This may be their moment. They’ve got three numbers dialed into the lock already, and if you say it well and say it right, you can be the fourth number that they can dial into the lock of their personal experience. The door will come open, and there will be opportunity they never saw before. The person who hears could be transformed.

But here’s what else is exciting. The person who speaks could also be transformed.

Guess what we’re all looking for… transformation for our new life—the new life tomorrow, the new life this month, the new life next year, the new life this year.

One day, the caterpillar says, “I think I was made for more than crawling on the ground.” So the caterpillar climbs the tree, attaches himself to a leaf and spins the cocoon. Who knows what disciplined effort it takes to spin a cocoon? But something inside the caterpillar says, “I was designed for something more than being just a caterpillar.”

And then when the cocoon is ready and it opens up, out comes a butterfly that flies away, maybe singing, “I believe I can fly! I believe I can touch the sky! I used to be a caterpillar on the ground, now I can fly.”

I’m asking you to go through such a metamorphosis. I’m asking you often to go through a period where you say, “New skills, new things are waiting for me,” and part of this will come if you’ll translate for other people what you feel in your heart and in your soul. As awkward as your language might be at first, don’t hesitate to do it.

Sharing makes room for more. Key question: If this glass is full of water, can it hold any more? And the answer is yes. Yes, if you pour some out. So jot that down. If you want more, you’ve got to pour out what you’ve got, and then you have the opportunity to receive more.

Now, unlike the glass that remains the same size when you pour some out, it’s not so in conscious human beings. Your capacity will increase the more you share. You’ll get bigger and bigger and bigger.

Why the self-interest wish to be bigger? Here’s why… to hold more of the next experience. Some people can’t hold much happiness because they’re too small. Their thinking is too small, their activity is too small, they’re too small in their ability to share—they’re just too small. They can’t hold much.

But the bigger you get, the more you will receive. When happiness is poured out, you’ll get more. When joy is poured out on the nation, you’ll get more. When bounty is poured out from the economy, you will get more.

Now some people are not only small, but they have their glass turned upside down. It’s hard to get anything in. But here’s what you’ve done in reading this: You’ve come with an open mind, an open consciousness—you’re ready to receive.

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